Church of saint'Antonio

GeneralIn the “East” wing of the “Roberti's castle”, beside the tower, we find the interesting chapel dedicated to Sant' Antonio da Padova, currently property of the Angius sisters.
It deals with the typical rural small church, built in stone of tufa, with characteristics of main chapel with a single wing, with acute arcs, according to the Catalan tradition, that not only act as supporting elements of the wooden coverage, but also as separation among the presbiterial vain and the one in proximity of the entry on which the main wooden loggia is situated. .

Above the altar, the painting of an unknown author showing "the dream or the vision of sant' Anthony"; in the left side a small wooden pulpit complete of a voice-shield; on the right a crucifix among two twisted columns, taken superiorly from a horizontal element with motives, on which lean the ancient statues, in wood, of the Virgo Annunziata (VI cen.) and of a bishop (maybe St. Demetrio) (XVII sec.).

The principal front door is that ancient one and in the space in front of the Church has been realized a fenced garden.
The simple prospectus as a hut introduces the original motive for an angular bell tower with two vaults in brickwork.


The Church is visitable the June 13, on the occasion of the S. Antonio from Padua's feast, in which numerous believers participate, and for particular recurrences on application.

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