Festivals and events

St. Sebastiano

The celebrations in honor of the saint are characterized by an evening procession and final bonfire.

The bonfire "Su fogadoni ", in this specific recurrence, not only has a reference to the martyrdom of the saint and to a symbol of purification, but also a meaning tied up to the agrarian myth; in fact, it should propitiate the fertility of the earth and the perpetuation of the life.


The Candelora

It is the recurrence of the purification of the Virgo, also note with the name of Candelora, for the fact it's pointed on the benediction of the candles to which anciently was attributed the power to fight the spirit of the evil and the adverse strengths of the nature. Doves, sweets and wines are offered to the Virgo by the "Priorissa Manna" that organizes the celebrations and she is accompanied in the church by two children " Is priorisseddas " that dresses identical suits and hold up the gifts, whose offer represents the breakup of the votes.
For the occasion it develops a procession in which the participants hold up some candles: if they stay turned on for all the time of the rite they draw good auspices.



Among the rites of the Holy Week, the Via Crucis for the streets of the town, in epoch customs, with stage representation of the ordeal of Christ and his death.


2° Sunday (S.S Salvatore patron)   

The recurrence of the Saint Patron, that takes place within three days, goes up from different centuries. The celebrations happen in two different periods: May and November.
The greatest feast is the one that takes place in spring, the 2 ^ Sunday of May, for a tradition by now consolidated in the time, as it results documented by the "Casalis" in his Dictionary and in a document of the town Archives dated March 20 1883.
The Sunday and the Monday morning (S. Efisio Martyr) liturgical rites; in the evening, fire works and varied folk demonstrations and shows in the square “Grux'e Ferru.”


MAY 25th
Open wine cellars

The ARGIOLAS and Sons's wine cellars and the F.LLI Pala's wine cellar, by now famous all over the world for their products, open the wine cellars to the visitors, on the occasion of the international demonstration “Open Wine cellars - Wine Day.”
During the day, besides the tasting of esteemed wines of the wine cellars and of the local gastronomic products, folk, cultural and artistic diversions are organized by the same Firms with the patronage of the Municipality.

Serdianesis's Summer

A series of Concerts, choral and instrumental, operettas, cinema projections and a review of theater for children are realized at open air in Center of social aggregation.


7th, 8th e 9th: Celebrations in honor of Saint Maria of Sibiola and St. Raffaele Arcangelo.

Very suggestive the celebrations in honor of the holy Maria of Sibiola, considered the most important recurrence of the year. The revered Virgo takes the name from the rural place at around 3 Kms from the inhabited area, in which the homonym small church rises.
Very suggestive the celebrations in honor of the holy Maria of Sibiola, considered the most important recurrence of the year. The revered Virgo takes the name from the rural place at around 3 Kms from the inhabited area, in which the homonym small church rises.
In the evening of September 7th the simulacrum is accompanied in procession, toward the rural Church from numerous faithful, from folk Groups and horse riders.   
The morning of September 8th takes place the traditional propitiatory procession through the surrounding fields of the rural Church, to exorcise the atmospheric adversities and to have the crop save. In the evening, after the Holy Mass, the simulacrum, hauled on a coach by oxen, makes it's reentry in the town: following the Saint, besides the riders, the folk groups , the performers of "launeddas" (tipical Sardinian instrument), are also present the " traccas ", a kind of spanish romeria or rather a mobile house containing inside dresses, furnish, goods and naturally the family. Its reentry in the town iswelcomed with light falls and fire-works.
The day 9th (St. Raffale), in the morning religious rites and in the evening demonstrations in plaza.
In these days cultural demonstrations, folk shoes are numerous, with a specific reference to dances and traditional songs, as well as the local shows of craftsmanship and painting contests that interest the operators and artists of the zone.


First two weeks: Feast of "Santu Sarbadoreddu"

Recurrency of the autumn festivity of the Patron. Liturgical demonstrations (November 9th) and civil (varying dates). traditional broad beans cooking and tasting of young wines and local typical products, in the "Sport's Palace".


“Concert of Christmas” in the Parish Church of the SS. Savior.

Shows with prizes for the contest of "The best Christmas crib", with free partecipation, prepared in the Center of social aggregation.

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